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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Carers,

The term of Term 4 has been very busy with the building project now well underway. We are currently preparing for the concrete slab and the works are on schedule for completion at the end of April 2024.

Congratulations to our athletics team this week. Year 5 boys won Section 5 pennant and Eddy was age champion for Year 4.  School sport is an important of our school life, this was in evidence at Sports Day at the end of last term.

It was lovely to show a large group of prospective parents through the school this morning on a tour, I am proud of our students for showcasing their learning so beautifully, especially Mia and Scarlet for sharing their experiences at St Joseph’s Tranmere in such a positive and eloquent manner.

The weather is certainly warming up as we approach summer. I have been reminding all students to bring their hats to school and wear them when outside. Can I ask that you check in with your child to see they have their hat and it is labelled clearly. We do have a limited number of hats in the front office for you to purchase, or you can go online and purchase one from the uniform shop. Thank you for your support in this important matter.

This term we will have an opportunity to celebrate the year with our Annual Community Gathering on Thursday 30 November. This evening event will again take place in the courtyard due to the building works occurring in the bottom area of the school. The theme for this year is ‘Reaching for the Stars’ to highlight our approach towards Advent. Each class will perform a song and dance for your entertainment. The night will start at 6pm, with gates opening at 5:30pm Families are asked to bring along a chair (no blankets) so you can find a spot in the courtyard area to watch the event comfortably. You are welcome to bring some nibbles and drinks, however please no alcohol. The night should conclude around 7:30pm. I look forward to seeing you there for this exciting event.

Class Placements 

Once again, this time of the year we are working on class placements for next year. Placing all our students each year is a process that takes leadership and teachers many hours, many discussions as well as a great deal of thought and consideration. Many factors contribute to the placement. These include; gender balance, learning abilities, peer friendships, student combinations, class size, social and academic strengths and challenges. When making class placements we always consider the individual child while recognising that each child is also part of a complex process.  

With each child at the centre of our process, our goal is to create an optimal learning environment for all students that meets their needs. In a small school, this can create additional complexities and challenges. 

We respectfully ask that parents do not ask or request particular teachers for their child, as there are far too many factors to be considered when constructing a class for teachers to accommodate such requests. As this takes most of the term to deliberate, we ask that families trust and respect the process, knowing that teachers and leaders are collaborating and discussing each student and looking at what is the best fit for them.  

Students do provide teachers with information focussing on their friendship groups, providing names of students who they value and respect in their current Year level, as well as other students they have worked with successfully throughout the year.  

As our class structures allow teachers of the same Year level to work in professional learning teams, students do have the opportunity to mix and get to know other students from classes in the same year level. We encourage and promote diverse social interactions, allowing all students to develop and grow friendships not just in their own home class. This has many benefits and creates a real sense of community. 

Class placements will be communicated to families on the final Tuesday of Term 4, as the students will meet their new teacher(s) and classmates at a transition session on this day. Students will receive a letter that afternoon informing them of their class teacher(s), the name of their class and the room number for Term 1, as there will be movement in Term 2 as we open up our new Early Years classrooms. We trust this will be a very exciting and positive experience for all students as they prepare for another exciting year of learning in 2024. Thank you for your continued support in this matter.

Important Diary Dates:

I would like to highlight some important events for the next 5 weeks of Term 4.

  • Year 6 Camp – Willow Creek Farm, Inman Valley – Wednesday 15 November – 17 November
  • Year 5 Camp – Woodhouse Adventure Park, Piccadilly -  Monday 20 November – Wednesday 22 November
  • End of Year Community Gathering at 6pm in the courtyard - Thursday 30 November
  • Water Safety R-4 – ARC Campbelltown - Tuesday 5 December – Thursday 7 December
  • Year 6 Graduation Mass and Dinner  Friday 8 December at 6pm St Joseph’s Church for Mass and 7pm at Hectorville Sports Club for dinner
  • Thanksgiving Mass – St Joseph’s Church at 11am on Wednesday 13 December
  • End of Term 4 – Wednesday 13 December at 12:30pm – Whole school (please note early finish)
  • Pupil Free Days – Thursday 14 December and Friday 15 December

Kind regards

Adrian Grbin