Catholic Education Eastern Star Project



Student Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing

A commitment from the 5 Eastern region primary schools to work together to ensure each child feels connected and safe, and thrives academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

We are:

  • Building on current Literacy and Numeracy skills to prepare children for an ever-changing world.
  • Further enhancing and celebrating each child's individuality and wellbeing.
  • Providing teacher development above and beyond standard expectation by incorporating the most up-to-date teaching practices and research.
  • Promoting smooth transitional pathways from early years through to primary and secondary Catholic schools.


  • A dedicated project leaders, who works with educational coaches from each school.
  • Engaging external professionals to share expertise in Literacy and Numeracy teaching, to improve student learning.
  • The use of student data, to identify needs, set goals and improve use of strategies for all students.
  • Working with each child to identify, understand and nurture their own sense of belonging and connection.

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