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Alyce (Reception parent)

My daughter's transition to St Joseph's Tranmere has been more positive than I could have imagined. In the lead up to starting Reception, children attend every Friday for two terms and are integrated into school life from the get go. My daughter confidently walked through the school gates on her first day of school and I too felt confident knowing that she was going to be learning in a loving, nurturing environment. 

The school community is beautiful. Small enough that everyone can be involved and get to know each other and big enough to mean that every opportunity is catered for. The almost 100% attendance at school events shows, not only the schools commitment to families, but also the depth of the community that has developed there. 

The Principal, Adrian, knows almost every child by name. It is clear that he genuinely loves his job and he can be found greeting children in the morning as they arrive and farewelling them at pickup time. 

Communication with all staff and teachers has so far been exceptional. We have always felt aware of what was going on and there are ample opportunities to communicate and resolve issues before they arise. It is clear that the staff well and truly uphold the values of the school and see the importance in working collaboratively with families and the whole school community. 

We could not have asked for a better start to our daughter's school journey.


Rachel (OSHC Parent)

The OSHC at St Joseph’s Tranmere is outstanding. Mel and her team create a warm, fun and engaging environment for the children which is simply an extension of their school day. Every staff member greets and farewells my daughter by her name, with a genuine and caring smile on their face. Each area is calm yet buzzing, with an excellent balance between structure and choice to allow the children the change of pace they require at the beginning and end of their day. The supervision is exceptional with Mel and her team actively participating in activities with the children throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. They foster kindness, respect and positive conflict resolution between all the children, whatever their age, and it is an environment where my daughter feels happy, supported and safe.


Luci Blackborough (Campbelltown Council Councillor - Hectorville Ward)

"My time at St Joseph’s Tranmere (2005 – 2012) has without a doubt, helped shape the person I am now, with so many valuable experiences that have left a lifelong impression upon me. I vividly remember celebrating diversity and acceptance of different knowledge and culture, as well as facilitation of different learning styles. Each teacher taught with love, compassion and wisdom which formed the foundation for my experiences at the school inside and out of the classroom.

It may be a small school by comparison, but there were no limits on what we learnt. St Jo’s fostered my love for so many subjects with hands-on learning experiences that I can still remember today. From conducting science experiments in the quad, completing the Premier’s reading challenge each year, to helping with the Mary MacKillop mosaic that now hangs at the front of the school.

In addition to this, St Jo’s enriched my understanding of religion, exploring the Catholic faith and encouraging students to embody its positive values in day-to-day life. Beyond faith, they encouraged a strong sense of moral justice and helped me to grasp how the world worked.

But perhaps the most important underlying idea I was taught at St Joseph’s Tranmere was to pursue my dreams. We were taught that the sky is the limit, and that we could all could uniquely contribute in different ways to help make the world around us better.

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at St Joseph’s, and would recommend to any parent to seriously consider enrolling your child there. And I intend on sending my future kids to St Joseph’s as well!”


Ian on behalf of The Gums Landcare Group

"We value our connection with your school highly and appreciate the positivity Adrian and your staff show towards our environmental goals.  We enjoy working with your students and appreciate the opportunity to build positive attitudes towards the natural and cultural environment. It has already been evident to us that your students have a ’personal stake’ in The Gums and have visited with their parents to share that."

Extract from The Gums Landcare Group August 2019 newsletter:- "Students from St Joseph's School, Tranmere installed some beautiful art works about biodoversity amongst the new and old native plants.  Many local residents walking their dogs along Third Creek have commented on the art works."