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Dear Parents and Carers,

We are certainly into the winter season as the rain has well and truly arrived. Unfortunately, as much as we need the rain, it has slowed our efforts when it comes to our building project and the completion date.

We are into the final stretch internally, however externally will require the holiday break to really start on the landscaping.

The R/1 classrooms will be ready to move into their new classrooms for the start of Term 3. We will be doing the set up and moving during the holiday break.

Next term will begin on Tuesday 23 July 2024 as the whole Eastern Region catholic schools will be coming together at the Convention Centre for a conference focusing on Student Agency, presented by two highly acclaimed international guest speakers on Monday 22 July 2024. Please note the date as the school will be closed on this Monday of Term 3, with the first day of the term being Tuesday 23 July 2024.

Next term we will welcome 17 new Mid-Year Receptions to our school, as they graduate from their Preschools and ELC’s into our school. Tomorrow, Friday 28th June 2024, we celebrate with a special liturgy of welcome for all the new students and their families, followed by a parent and carers information session and morning tea. This has been a lovely welcoming tradition in our school for the last few years and a special way for students and families to begin their school journey.

As Semester One draws to an end, our teachers have been completing this semester’s summative report. School reports are issued twice a year to inform parents and carers about your child’s progress. The reports include academic achievement levels, (Year 1-6) for all learning areas and your child’s approach to learning (R-6). The report also provides an assessment of your child’s progress towards a series of key capabilities, these include how they see themselves as a learner,  how they communicate and how they collaborate with others. Information in the report should provide you with a picture of what you already know, based on your current understanding of your child’s progress from their teachers. I would encourage you to take time to sit down with your child and read the report together. Have a chance to discuss and celebrate achievements as well as establish strategies for improvement.

If you have any questions about the report, you can certainly make a time early next term to discuss with your child’s teacher(s).

Congratulations to our wonderful P & F for organising our school Disco last Friday night. The two discos were again well attended by our students - another great tradition in our school. The students had a wonderful time, thanks to the Amazing Magic Mike DJ. The night was very well organised and managed by a large group of volunteers, making it highly successful and a wonderful experience for all our students. A special thank you to Nicole for all her hard work in making it such a success.

Finally, I would like to thank all our students and staff for their hard work over the last Semester and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday break. I look forward to welcoming everyone back for the start of Term 3 on Tuesday 23 July 2024.

Kind regards

Adrian Grbin