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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome everyone to Term 2. No doubt you are enjoying the beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment, ideal for building!

This term will be a busy and exciting time for our school as we transition into the new classrooms for our Reception and Year 1 students.  At this stage we hope to be the Learning Street complex by mid-June, in around about 4-5 weeks’ time.  Each week we see many changes within and around the building.  Recently the builders completed the new irrigation system for the grass area, have begun installing the joinery and are beginning to paint inside and out.  Over the next few weeks, we hope to get to the lock-up stage and begin more of the landscaping and civil works.  One of the major works will be the removal of the old transportable and temporary sandpit as major trenching needs to take place in this area to connect to the sewer in Birkinshaw Avenue.  As a result of these works our Year 6 class will make the move into their new  and final location – Room 1. This has meant that our Reception Class, RMM will move into the Resource Centre temporarily while they wait for their final move to their brand-new classroom on completion of the project.  As a result, we have adjusted the library times for classes during this period to accommodate borrowing for our students.  We hope this will only be for the next 4 weeks as we rapidly approach the handover of the site.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all the students and staff for their amazing ability to be flexible and adaptable during this building project, especially since the building has been in right in the middle of the school grounds.  It will certainly be wonderful when we can finally transition smoothly across the school grounds accessing all areas more effectively and efficiently.

Last week I was informed that The Gums Landcare Group, which our school is a part of, were declared winners of ‘The Green Adelaide Urban Landcare Award.  This award recognises the amazing work Landcare does to protect and make The Gums a better and greener space for all to enjoy.  We are proud of our support and involvement in this important group over the last 5 years and we look forward to this continuing for the future of this special space.  A special thank you and congratulations to Ian and Gerry from Landcare for our their guidance and support for allowing our students to be future environmentalist.

This week I enjoyed meeting 15 new potential families as they attended our School Tour.  It is certainly one of the many enjoyable parts of my role as Principal to showcase our school.  We were able to visit many classes to see the students and their learning, see Joey’s Playgroup in action and share the Masterplan and vision of the school.  Our Year 6 leaders were there to welcome families and it was a very positive and enjoyable experience.  Thank you to all involved.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone about the Pupil Free Day on Friday 7 June 2024 which is attached to the June long weekend.  The school will be closed as our teaching staff will be focusing on our Numeracy strategy and the new Positive Behaviour Support PBS program.

Kind regards

Adrian Grbin