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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Carers,

In 2022, as we navigate through COVID and two building projects, I have been discussing with staff and students about the importance of ‘patience’.  Patience can help us achieve our goals and maintain a more positive outlook on life. However exercising patience is not easy, it can take a lot of practice.  I recently read a quote which I liked from an unknown source; it said, “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

As a community we have certainly had to learn the art of patience, it seems to bring what appears to be near, that which is far!  I would like to commend all in keeping a good attitude while we have had delays on the building projects.

Patience has paid off as from last Friday afternoon, we moved a little closer to the end goal for Stage 1.  We took ownership back of the interior of the Parish Hall. This has been an exciting step, as we were able to set up for the polling booths which allowed all to see the end result. If you did get the chance to visit the hall on Saturday, I hope you found the new look and transformation of this heritage building a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. This week the students will get their chance to have a walk through and see what has been hiding behind the fence. We will have an official opening and blessing later in the year.

The exterior of the hall still has a way to go, as well as the adventure playground which we hope to see grow before our eyes over the term.

The front of the school is starting to take shape, with the addition of many new plants, new fencing and the construction of the main paths. The plan is to complete the new pedestrian entrance from Magill Road (The Promenade) to access the front of the school first. This will be our new main entrance and school address, please note – 513 Magill Road, Tranmere. The entrance will have a brick wall including signage and our new letter box.  This promenade will allow easy access for visitors and families to walk safely to the office without walking through the staff carpark, which has been the case for many years. The second promenade from Birkinshaw Ave will be the last section completed when the adventure playground is finished during the term.

As far as the multi-sports space – we hope to open up the new grassed area very soon, possibly in the next week or so, depending on the weather. This will mean the students will have the whole grassed area to play on while the basketball/netball space and new sand pit will continue to be fenced off until completion later this term.

Pick up and Drop off

Our students have been working hard on learning the road rules around schools. On Friday our classes had a visit from the RAA Education Officer and spent time understanding the importance of being street smart.  Also, our Year 6 students have been trained by SAPOL in how to be school crossing monitors for our new Emu Crossing.

The students look to us as adults in being responsible road users, so it is important that we all set a good example for them to follow.

Thank you to the majority of families who are successfully supporting the current drop off and pick up arrangements for our school community. However, we have had a few complaints from people who live in the local area, so I thought it would be helpful to remind families about some of our observations during these busy times so we can keep everyone safe.

Please do not cross Birkinshaw Ave from the pick-up and drop off zone – please use our fantastic Emu Crossing which our delightful Year 6 students are managing so well.

There is no stopping to drop off or pick up students from the opposite side to the school in Birkinshaw Ave, this is currently signposted as No Standing and drivers will incur a fine by the council.

Drivers are not allowed to bank up around the corner from Birkinshaw Ave into Magill Road as this has a solid yellow line and, as a result, does block other road users from entering Birkinshaw Ave; once again drivers can be fined by the council.

We encourage drivers not to do 3 point turns in Birkinshaw Ave; you can drive around the block.

We also encourage students and parents to kiss and go and pick up quickly and enter or exit the car from the passenger side rather than the drivers side.

If we can all follow these road rules it will certainly go a long way to making our collection and drop off zone safe for all to use.

Diary Dates

Please add these important dates to your calendar.

  • School Closure Day                        Pupil Free Day – Friday 10 June 2022
  • Queen’s Birthday Holiday              Monday 13 June 2022
  • School Board AGM                         Wednesday 22 June 2022
  • End of Term 2                                  Friday 8 July 2022

Please note: Student Achievement Reports to go home in week 10

New Staff

We welcome 3 new staff members this term to our school community.

I would like to introduce Ms Selina Roper who is our new Music Specialist Teacher for 2022, working a half day on Tuesdays and all-day Fridays

I would like to introduce Ms Tahlia Camerlengo who is team teaching in the Year 1/2FL class, working on Mondays and Tuesdays for the rest of 2022.

I would finally like to introduce Ms Tara Walkley who is our new Physical Education Specialist Teacher for 2022, working on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I sure you will join me in congratulating these new teachers and we look forward to them working with our students.

Thank you to all our families for managing the current COVID protocols. We thank you for your support as we slowly start to open up the school again for all to come and gather as a community.  Keep an eye open for playgroups starting again soon!

Kind regards

Adrian Grbin