Catholic Education South Australia

Teaching & Learning

Everything we do in our school is about learning and we believe this happens within and beyond the classroom. Our learning program is shaped by the eight learning areas in The Australian Curriculum along with Religious Education. A detailed outline of the learning areas can be found on the Australian Curriculum website.

Vision for Learning: We believe we learn through interaction with others, therefore children are provided with opportunities to work together, to collaborate and connect with the wider community.  Children learn best when they feel safe, have ownership of their learning and when experiences are purposeful and relevant.  We believe that it is vital for student growth that we regularly seek and interpret evidence to inform our teaching, the learner and parents/carers.  Our Vision for Learning overview explains how we will develop core practices as a whole school in the areas of relationships, creativity, growth and assessment.

We use data to inform decisions about our learning design. Teachers draw on a range of formal and informal learning data to understand where children are up to in their learning journey and where they need to progress next. In this way we ensure learning growth each year for all children.

Our specialist learning areas are Visual and Media Arts, Music and Languages – Italian. The Health and Physical Education program is taught by classroom teachers and comprises daily fitness and skills based lessons. We access specialist clinics each term to give the children a range of experiences; once a year the children go off-site for swimming and aquatics lessons. All children belong to a house team and each year we hold our Sports Day, this is a great community day out and we warmly invite all members of the St Joseph's community to join us.