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Student Wellbeing

Providing a safe and connect community is at the heart of our school

We are committed to supporting our students in their learning and interactions with each other

A strong sense of self, healthy relationships and a safe, secure learning environment are at the heart of our wellbeing in schools. Supporting this for all children is part of our core work here at St Joseph’s School.

Staff are committed to building positive relationships with each and every child and their families. We are committed to restorative practices where those directly involved in the breakdown of relationships are responsible for its repair. In this way children and adults learn and practice the skills they need for lifelong healthy relationships.

All children are supported to grow in respect for self, others, teachers, learning and the environment. Our student wellbeing program is grounded in the five core competencies of social and emotional learning: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationships skills and responsible decision making. Our wellbeing program involves:

  • Bonnie - our Wellbeing Dog
  • A student councellor
  • Circle time – a vehicle for building positive classroom culture
  • Child Protection Curriculum
  • Age Appropriate social skills programs; including learning about the prevention of bullying and harassment
  • Cyber safety
  • Made in the Image of God curriculum
  • Values Education
  • Mentoring for individual students

Our restorative plan for working with individual children provides logical and appropriate stages of intervention that engage all parties (students, families, staff) in developing and maintaining healthy relationships and quality engagement in learning.

St Joseph's School, Tranmere is a nut free school.  Nuts and nut products are not to be brought to school in line with our policy.

Our Wellness Dog

We'd like you to meet Bonnie

We are committed to providing our students with many ways to support their wellbeing.  Our well-being dog Bonnie is a special way to help our students here at St Joseph's Tranmere with emotional regulation, social connection and communication. 

Bonnie supports the wellbeing of learners both inside and outside the classroom.  Bonnie is still a puppy and is learning her skills through Dogs Connect, an organisation that introduces wellbeing dogs into school settings, and is proving to be a very fast but calm and gentle learner.  Helped by her owner, Mrs Barrett, Bonnie greets children as they arrive at school, visits classes during the school day and works with individual children who need support.

Our Wellness Dog

Student Councellor

Providing social, emotional and academic support

The work of our highly qualified student counsellor, Tania, supports our aim of encouraging the total development of each child and plays an important role in supporting students to work through issues that may arise.

Tania is available on Tuesdays and Fridays to support students for a range of issues including social/emotional assistance, strategies or intervention.  Students can seek support themselves, or can be referred by a parent or teacher.  

Tania provides a safe and confidential environment where students can talk, be heard and supported using interactive counselling therapies. She provides short-term individual counselling and supports students to positively engage in their learning and relationships. Should intensive, ongoing support be required, Tania will make this recommendation to parents and carers and will assist in identifying outside agencies and professional services.

For further information, please contact the school office.