Student Leadership

Students are St Joseph’s Tranmere are confident and capable young people. We nurture this through a range of opportunities for student leadership throughout their time with us.

Senior Leaders 

Our year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to be senior leaders, sports team captains and ambassadors for the school in a range of community activities.


Community Connection Team

The Community Connection Team is focused on two types of connecting. One focus is within school and finding ways of supporting students to feel connection and belonging. The second focus is connection with the local community and finding ways of making a difference as a school community.   


Marketing Team

Students in this team help market the school in different ways including advertising our stories to the school community – we do this through Facebook and Instagram posts, taking photos of school events & activities, and updating the school website.  


Eco Warriors

Students in this team:-

  • Use food waste to create compost soil for our gardens and produce liquid (worm wee) fertiliser from our worm farms.
  • Sell the ‘worm tea’ fertiliser to the school community and raise money…for more worm farms and garden beds.
  • Plant and nurture vegetables and herbs in pots


Play Managers

These student leaders help younger students to learn how to play – taking turns, sharing, caring for pop up play and sports equipment are important skills that need to be taught. This group also works with Ms Hull & Mr Hughes to purchase sports equipment to help develop skills and encourage physical education. 


Student Action Team

Students in this team are the voice for students in our school as we look for continuous improvement through our Master Plan Project.

This includes collecting data, designing surveys and running class meetings. The team has the  opportunity to be part of the decision making process by sharing their opinions and viewpoints on a wide range of topics.