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Fitness, friendships, teamwork and school spirit!

Sports are important for our students and at St Joseph’s Tranmere we provide opportunities to participate in range of sporting activities.  Along with the physical and health benefits of sport such as improved fitness, coordination and balance, other important aspects include social skills, self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership.

We offer a range of program’s suitable across all year levels from Reception to Year 6. 

  • R-2 Sports Academies (Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball)
  • SA Catholic School Sports Association Carnivals
    (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Netball, Touch Football)
  • Year 1 to 6 School Sports
    (Netball, Soccer, Basketball)
  • Year 5-6 South Australian Primary School Sports Association Carnivals (SAPSSA)


Netball Team Information

Our netball teams are taking part in the Eastern District Netball Association competition.

Further information is available from their website:-

Our thanks to the coaches for their time and the support they are giving our netball teams this season.


Soccer Team Information

Our soccer teams are taking part in the Eastern Zone Primary Schools Soccer Association divisions.

Our thanks to our coaches for the time and support they give to our teams.


Sports Captains 2022

Sports Captains

Each year our students select the Sports Captains for their Houses.  These captains lead their Houses admirably at Sports Day and at other sporting events through the year.

Congratulations to our Sports Captains for this year.