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Ecology & Sustainability

In June 2015 Pope Francis delivered an important encyclical Laudato Si – On care for our common home. In it he poses the question “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” (160). 

Working with children to connect with life in all its forms, to love the created world and to care for it, is central to our mission as Catholic Schools. At St Joseph’s Tranmere we strive to live sustainably as a community and to educate the children and wider community in the importance of this. Our projects include waste management, reduction in water use, energy efficiency, gardening and nature play.

Sustainability in action at our school

Working together as a community for a better future!

We are happy to share the great progress that St Joseph's Tranmere has made on our own eco journey.

Our goal is to embed a culture of respect and care for each other and the earth so that sustainable practices will reduce our footprint on the earth and promote respectful relationships between all creatures of God’s earth.

We started our journey with a KESAB Waste Audit which helped set targets to reduce the volume of material we send to landfill. Our next audit proved that our recycling had improved so much that we were able to reduce the number of yard bins and dispense with the old large landfill container.  Our latest KESAB waste audit  in December 2022 shows we continue to redirect resources away from landfill and recycle or compost wherever possible.

Every class composts their food waste helped by our dedicated student leaders in the Integral Ecology Team. These diligent students encourage and support other children in the school with their recycling and sustainable practices.  

Our Integral Ecology Student leaders and our Year 3/4 students are involved in many student projects such as:

  • Using food waste to create compost soil for our gardens and produce liquid (worm wee) fertiliser from our worm farms.
  • Selling the ‘worm tea’ fertiliser to the school community and raise money…for more worm farms and garden beds.
  • Planting and nurturing vegetables and herbs

Children and staff are great at recycling including paper, card, soft plastics, foil, printer cartridges, glue sticks & bottle tops and every class has a small wheelie bin for non-recyclables which the children try very hard not to fill! We are careful about our water use and analyse our energy consumption has dramatically reduced since the solar panels were installed in 2017. 

Thank you to our families who support our sustainability journey in ways such as sending the children to school with Nude Food lunches. We look forward to seeing where we go on our Eco-journey in the future!


Sustainability in action at our school