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Little Stars Transition Program

Little Stars that shine bright

Getting ready for school!

Little Stars is our transition program for students enrolled to start their learning journey with us at St Joseph’s School Tranmere.  It is designed to provide families with a greater opportunity for your child to access and transition into our school in a positive way.  

It provides a nurturing and safe place where your child will have opportunities to learn through our play-based model, build new friendships and grow in confidence.  The children will be involved in activities that enhance and support their social, emotional and academic wellbeing.  It enables them to become familiar with the school, teachers, students and community so they are ‘ready to go’ when they start school.  Little Stars assists both the child and parents during this phase of transition.

The children in the Little S.T.a.R. program will have our Reception teachers running and managing the program.  They will also work with our Specialist teachers and Education Support Officers. 

Our excellent buddy system, brings our Senior Leaders into the classroom to support our Little Stars with activities.  This helps to provide a sense of belonging and connection for your child as they explore, discover and settle into a new routine and environment.

Running all year round, your child is invited to start our Little Stars program two school terms before they are due to join our Reception classes, see below.

  • Starting school in January - Your child can attend Term 3 & 4 the year prior
  • Starting school Mid-Year – Your child can attend in Term 1 & 2 of the year you are starting

Little Stars runs on Friday mornings during Term Time from 9.00 am to 11.00 am.

Please contact us to find out more and how we will support your child to transition smoothly and successfully into their Reception year.

Little Stars that shine bright