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We are grateful for the support of our Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering?

At St Joseph’s School Tranmere, we are always grateful for the support given by our volunteers.  Volunteering applies to a wide range of activities in the school including attending excursions, coaching sports teams, reading in the classroom, helping in the many committees and many other school-related activities. 

Please speak to your child’s teacher or one of our front office staff if you would like to help.

How can you help?

Volunteers contribute richly to the school’s learning program and community life.

You can help in:

  • Classrooms - supporting reading, attending excursions, helping with art and craft activities, participating in learning activities in literacy and numeracy
  • The Resource Centre - helping with book management
  • Sports - coaching and managing teams
  • Committees - eg School Board, Parents & Friends, Uniform Committee, Joey’s Management Committee, OSHC Management Committee 


What do you need?

Information for Volunteering - Due to changes in the Child Protection Act

If you would like to act as a volunteer in the school, you are required to have a 5-point check.  Please provide the school with copies of the following or speak with our front office staff about the application process:

  • Completed CESA Volunteer Registration pack - available from the school office
  • A Catholic Police Check Clearance or Working With Children Check (WWCC from the Department of Human Services  (if you need to obtain this clearance please come to the school office)
  • A RRHAN-EC (Responding to Harm, Abuse and Neglect in Education and Care) training Certificate
  • Work Health and Safety on-line Induction for Volunteers Certificate
  • Work Health and Safety signed form

Please note: that all these processes are mandatory and must be completed in order to volunteer/continue to volunteer.  This requirement is designed to ensure our children are protected and safe at school.


Sensory garden

Sensory Garden Working Bee

We greatly value the support of our school community and a recent example of this was a Working Bee to help create a Sensory Garden near the Reception classrooms.

Creating this garden has been possible with the financial assistance of a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant which has provided the means to purchase the soil, mulch, garden beds and plants needed.  Our thanks to Woolworths for this grant.

Our students had been working together for a while to move a large amount of sand to the new sandpit location, leaving a large space prepared for the delivery of soil and mulch.  The community came together on a warm afternoon to move these resources into their new location and, although it was a lot of physical work, everyone had a great time and new friendships were formed.

It was heartwarming to have this opportunity once again for our wider community of parents, grandparents, staff and their families come together. 

Our thanks to everyone.