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Our Staff Community

We have 31 committed staff working at St Joseph's, including 16 teachers.  You can read some of our stories below:-

Staff Team 2022


Tanya Barrett 

Director of Teaching and Learning 

I joined the St Joseph's Tranmere community in 2014 with 20 years teaching experience in Catholic Education. I have previously taught in country schools, metropolitan schools, R-12 and R-7 schools.

My current role is Director of Teaching and Learning.  This includes the role of Inclusive Education Coordinator. I enjoy my role in the school which gives me the opportunity to have many varied interactions with students.

I live in the Adelaide Hills and enjoy the tranquillity of rural living.


Janet Price 

Business Manager 

I joined the St Joseph's Tranmere community as Business Manager in 2010 after migrating from England where I had worked in the same role in a Surrey primary school for the previous twelve years.  My Mum was born in Sydney and I am enjoying visiting some of the places that she has talked about over the years.

This role gives me the opportunity to use my skills and experience in many areas such as finance, HR, premises management and marketing.  I really enjoy the interactions that I have with the children and their families, and am glad of the times I am able to help with concerns and queries.

Out of school I help with a kids club in Mount Barker run by my church, and enjoy living in the Adelaide Hills with all the walking, gardening and living with the wildlife that brings.  I still feel like a very excited tourist when our resident koala appears!



Jess Hicks 

Pedagogical Coach and Year 1/2 class teacher 

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I had a friend that would furrow her brows when reading and writing. I remember, after giving her a few extra steps, her face would light up with the brightest smile that said "I've got this!" I find myself thankful every day to be surrounded by curiosity, creativity and a room full of bright smiles.

Tranmere is the perfect place to share my passion for Early Years Education. It is a warm, loving community where parents and teachers work closely together to provide a safe, happy and engaging learning environment for children. This is my first year as a permanent teacher at Tranmere and I have been awed by the warm welcome.

I am an avid researcher and I am currently focusing my study on mathematical thinking and programming using digital technologies. I believe children deserve teachers that are progressive and committed to life long learning and that is one of the reasons why I feel at home at Tranmere.

When I am not teaching or reading, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and Pugalier Boston and trying to hunt down the best coffee place in Adelaide. 

(Jess is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to her return in the future)


Glenda Barone 

School and Enrolment Secretary 

I first came to know the St Joseph’s Tranmere community in 1994 when my husband and I enrolled our oldest son into the Reception class.  Over the course of the next 13 years we watched our three sons grow in self-confidence, respect and belief in themselves whilst attending this school.  Our family happily attended many quiz nights, sports days, soccer matches, school assemblies and liturgies during those years. 

I was privileged to begin working in the school office as the School/Enrolment Secretary eleven years ago and I have watched students grow in stature, confidence and respect during their time here before leaving us for high school. 

St Joseph's Tranmere has been a major part of the life of my family for many years, especially as we live very close to the school.  I enjoy catching up with past students at local activities and listening to their stories of high school, university and new jobs.  My main interests these days are travel, swimming and spending a lot of quality time with my family.

Emma Paradiso.jpeg

Emma Browne 

Reception Teacher 

I first joined St Joseph’s Tranmere in 2018. I’m a Reception teacher and I love the school. The moment you walk in it’s very friendly and welcoming. The students and their families are lovely and the staff are very kind. There is a definite sense of belonging in our community. I love teaching every subject to my students but if I had to choose favourites they would have to be Art, English and Religion. I love teaching Art because it gives the students a chance to express themselves, and teaching English because it’s fun to teach the students how to read and write. I love teaching Religion because I can teach the students about our Catholic faith and Christian ways. In my spare time I love cooking, baking, shopping with my friends, gardening and planning my wedding.

I was inspired to become a teacher ever since my mum became a childcare teacher. She had many young children under her care - I would help her supervise them and also help the children with the activities they had been given. My school teachers also inspired me as they were always kind and I thought that it would be a great job to teach children. When I was in Year 10 at high school we had a work experience opportunity and I decided to experience what it was like being a teacher. I really enjoyed it and not long after that I knew it wasn’t something I simply wanted to do anymore, it became a calling.


(Emma is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to her return in the future)

Rocio Callisto.jpeg

Rocio Callisto 

Curriculum Education Support Officer (ESO) 

I joined St Joseph's Tranmere in January 2010.  I work with all the year levels from Reception to Year 7 and assist students with all lessons but my favourites are Maths and Persuasive Writing.

Outside of school I enjoy participating in Zumba.  I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, especially my children.

The people who inspired me to work in education are my own children.  I love St Joseph's because the community are so supportive and caring, and they are always open to helping the students and staff.


Charlotte Winders 

Reception Teacher 

As a Reception teacher, I share in the learning of some of the youngest boys and girls at St Joseph’s Tranmere. I adore working with little people and sharing their daily discoveries and joy of learning. I enjoy getting to know the children and families in my care and providing a welcoming and happy environment where children can thrive. I love learning and I want to encourage and inspire my students to love learning too.

Beyond teaching, I enjoy walking down to my local beach, spending time with my family and Weimaraner, and playing social football! 

I am excited to be a part of the St Joseph’s Tranmere community.

(Charlotte is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to her return in the future)

Annette McCard.jpg

Annette McCard 

APRIM (Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission) 

I am delighted to part of the St Joseph’s School Community in the role of Assistant Principal: Religious Identity and Mission from the beginning of 2021. My family consists of a  lovely husband whom I married in the Tranmere Parish over 28 years ago, and two wonderful daughters. I am a keen hiker and an avid reader.

Like many educators, when I was growing up I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Now, all these years later, I have a great sense of gratitude for over 25 years of being an educator within Catholic Education South Australia. In this time I have held a variety of roles and I have worked in a variety of schools. Most recently I was working in the Catholic Education Office as a consultant.  

This school is a special place which draws on its Josephite foundations as it provides opportunities for all children to thrive spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically and socially. It is a privilege to a part of St Joseph’s School where all children nurture and grow their capabilities to be people who thrive, learn and lead for the world God desires.


Mae McGee 

Reception Teacher 

As an educator I am passionate about inspiring children to have a love for learning and to see the world through wonder and awe. I believe that positive relationships are the basis of this approach and that children be valued for what they individually bring to the world. 


Leanne Crompton 

Year 5/6 Class Teacher 

This will be my seventh year as a Catholic school teacher, and I am so excited to be continuing my teaching journey here at St Joseph’s School Tranmere in 2022.

I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher that encourages and provides students with a safe, enriched learning environment that supports and caters for all learning styles. My aim is to influence positive behaviour, student wellbeing and develop a community-based classroom that is portrayed through strong teacher-student and student-student relationships. I love to ensure that all my lessons are fun and engaging. If I was to pick a favourite subject to teach, it would be Literacy, Religion and Art. I am a very creative person and enjoy watching my students explore through creativity, faith and writing.

When I am not in the classroom teaching, I enjoy spending time with my own beautiful little boy (Santino), friends and family. I love shopping, watching the Adelaide Crows play and enjoy anything food related.


Danielle Hodson 

Year 5/6 Class Teacher 

I have taught in Catholic Education for 13 years and am excited to begin my journey at St Joseph’s School, Tranmere in 2022. As a teacher, I know that every day I have the capacity to shape childrens' minds and I find it incredibly rewarding to see students’ growth. I have always enjoyed learning and as a teacher have continued believing in the importance of doing so to ensure that I deliver a curriculum that employs current and effective teaching strategies to all of my students. I am passionate about developing students’ Literacy and Numeracy skills as well as encouraging an environment in which students are confident, they are problem solvers and kind, happy people.  

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my own two beautiful children and trying out the latest restaurants with family and friends.