Upcoming Events

Term Four 2017

Fri 24 Nov                Walk to School Day

Mon 27 Nov             Advent Liturgy 8.45am - 9am (middle yard)

Tues 28 Nov            New student transition morning (1)

                                 Advent Liturgy 8.45am - 9am (middle yard)

                                 2.15pm Year 2 cohort class assembly

30 Nov/1 Dec           Surf Ed (Years 5 to 7)

Mon 4 Dec                Advent Liturgy 8.45am - 9am (middle yard)

                                 Year 2 Excursion

Tues 5 Dec              New student transition morning (2)

                                 Advent Liturgy 8.45am - 9am (middle yard)

                                 Community Coffee Project - tastings 8.30am

Wed 6 Dec              Christmas Celebration 6.30pm

Mon 11 Dec             Year 7 Excursion and Graduation Dinner

Tues 12 Dec            2.15pm Reception/Year 1 cohort class assembly

Wed 13 Dec             Year 7 last day / Mass of Thanksgiving 6.30pm 

Thurs 14 Dec           Whole School Transition and

                                 Last Day of Term Four (Reception – Year 6)


Please contact the school office for further information and future dates