Upcoming Events


Term Two

25 May - 1 June       Catholic Education Week

Mon 28 May             Liturgy in the Parish Hall 9.15am

Tues 29 May            Andrew Chinn workshops

                                 Concert 1.45pm - 2.45pm (parents/carers welcome)

Wed 30 May             SA Police Band visit am

                                 UniSA Magill Reconciliation Excursion:  5/6JT - 12noon to 2.45pm

Fri 1 June                 School Art Exhibition

Mon 4 June              Welcome Morning Tea

                                 Confirmation Workshops (4.30-5.45pm / 5.45-7pm) Parish Hall

Tue 5  June              Botanical Gardens Excursion:  ReP & RMB - all day.

Wed 6 June              Volleyball clinics Year 3/4 classes

Thu 7 June                Assembly 9am (5/6RM and 5/6FC)

Mon 11 June             Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tue 12 June              Staff Professional Development (Pupil Free)

Wed 13 June             Volleyball clinics Year 3/4 classes

Thu 14 June              SACPSSA Athletics Carnival

Tue 19 June              Walk to the Gums: REP, RMB & 3/4JC - 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Wed 20 June             Volleyball clinics Year 3/4 classes

Thu 21 June              Assembly 9am (Year 1/2 classes)

Mon 25 June             Confirmation Workshops (4.30-5.45pm / 5.45-7pm) Parish Hall

Tue 3  July                Walk to the Gums: REP, RMB & 3/4JC - 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Wed 4 July               SACPSSA Netball Carnival

Thur 5 July               Assembly 9am (5/6ST and 7SM)

Fri 6 July                  Green and Gold casual day fundraiser

                                 Term Two Ends


Term Three

Mon 23 July               Term Three begins

Sun 29 July                Parish Community Mass & Morning Tea 9.30am

Mon 30 July               First Eucharist Workshops (4.30-5.45pm / 5.45-7pm) 

Wed 1 Aug                 Parish Winter Lunch

Thu 2 Aug                 School Performance Night (please note the change of date)

Wed 8 Aug                  Feast of Mary MacKillop

Thu 9 Aug                   SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival (Years 5 to 7)

Mon 13 Aug                First Eucharist Workshops (4.30-5.45pm / 5.45-7pm) 

Wed 15 Aug                Feast of the Assumption

                                    Whole School Mass 9.15am

Thu 16 Aug                  Assembly 9am (Year 3/4 classes)

Thu 23 Aug                  Book Week Parade

Mon 27 Aug                 Welcome Morning Tea

                                     First Eucharist Workshops (4.30-5.45pm / 5.45-7pm) 

Thu 30 Aug                  Assembly 9am (Reception classes)

Mon 3 Sept                  World of Maths incursion (Reception to Year 4)

Tue 4 Sept                   World of Maths incursion (Years 5 to 7)

Tue 4 – Fri 7 Sept       Water Safety (Reception to Y4)

Sun 9 Sept                  Confirmation rehearsal at 9.30am Mass

10 – 13 Sept               Catholic School Music Festival (date tbc)

11 - 14 Sept                SACPSSA Touch footbal carnival (Years 5 to 7) Date tbc

Thu 13 Sept                Assembly 9am (5/6RM and 5/6FC)

Fri 14 Sept                  Confirmation 7pm

Sat 15 Sept                 First Eucharist 6.30pm

Sun 16 Sept               First Eucharist 9.30am

17 – 20 Sept               Parent/Teacher Interviews (optional)

Thu 20 Sept               Confirmation 7pm

Sat 22 Sept                First Eucharist 6.30pm

Sun 23 Sept               First Eucharist 9.30am

Thu 27 Sept               Term Three Ends                        

Fri 28 Sept                 Staff Formation Day (Pupil Free)


Term Four

Mon 15 Oct                 Term Four (Welcome Morning Tea)

16 – 19 Oct                 Canberra Camp (Year 6 & 7)

Thu 25 Oct                  Assembly 9am (Year 1/2 classes)

Fri 26 Oct                    Sports Day 9am to 1pm, Daly Oval

Wed 31 Oct                 School Photos

Thu 1 Nov                    All Saints Day

Fri 2 Nov                      All Souls Day, Liturgy 9.15am

5/12/19 Nov                Music Recitals 6pm

Thu 8 Nov                   Assembly 9am (Year 3/4 classes)

12-16 Nov                   PE Week

Mon 19 Nov                Welcome Morning Tea

Thu 22 Nov                 Assembly 9am (Reception classes)

Sun 25 Nov                 Feast of Christ the King 9.30am

Thu 29 Nov                 Surf Safety (Years 5 to 7)

Mon 3/Tue 4 Dec        Advent Liturgy

Thu 6 Dec                   Class Assembly (5/6ST and 7SM)

Fri 7 Dec                     Year 7 Graduation Dinner 6.30pm

Mon 10/Tue 11 Dec    Advent Liturgy

Wed 12 Dec                Mass of Thanksgiving 6.30pm

                                   Year 7 last day

Thu 13 Dec                 Whole School Transition,

                                   Term Four Ends (R – 6)


Please contact the school office for further information and future dates