Our Staff Community

We have 32 committed staff working at St Joseph's, including 18 teachers.  You can read some of our stories below:-

Staff Team 2017


Cynthia Thompson 

Assistant Principal (Religious Identity & Mission) 

I first come to St Joseph's Tranmere as APRIM (Assistant Principal in the area of Religious Identity and Mission) in 2010.  I am also a classroom teacher, working in the classroom 2 days a week.  Previous to my appointment here, I had been R-5 Co-ordinator/REC at Caritas College  in Port Augusta for 3 years, with 7 years as a Senior teacher at St Barbara’s, Roxby Downs.  I became a teacher almost 30 years ago, having gone through UniSA as a mature aged student qualifying as an Early Years Educator and later as a School Counsellor as well as gaining my Masters in Catholic Education.  Past involvement with my Parish includes time on the Liturgy team, being a reader and a Eucharistic minister, as well as writing Prayers of Intercession. 

It has been a very rewarding experience working at St Joseph’s.  Having been a student at St Joseph’s Woomera a very long time ago, and having had a great aunt who was a Sister of St Joseph, the Mary MacKillop legacy has been a strong influence in my life.  It has been particularly gratifying to be involved in fund raising for the Mary MacKillop Foundation and recently being involved in Restorative Practices.  This process is empowering of all of us as we work to improve the way we engage with each other in restorative conversations.  Restorative Practices sits within our Sacramental Programme which looks at how we are with each other as we all work to proclaim the Kingdom of God.  I especially enjoy working with students who form part of the Catholic Culture team which comprises the Catholic Culture Liturgy Team and the Just Leadership Team. Both these groups help me to strengthen Catholic Identity and Spirituality throughout our school community bringing alive the message of Social Catholic Teaching. As well, my role as a classroom teacher brings me in contact with students in a way that helps me to deepen my relationship with them and their families.  Working in the Leadership team also gives me a different perspective of the needs of the community and the running of the school.  All in all, I enjoy a very rich experience in all aspects of the school community and consider myself very lucky!

I am the parent of two adult children, Daniel and Katherine, and I have 3 very delightful granddaughters, here in Adelaide, and in Melbourne.  In my spare time, I really enjoy gardening and pottering around my house.  I love walking especially in the Flinders and along the coast line.  I have a very demanding Burmese cat and am kept on my toes with his antics!


Mandy Herbert 

Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning) 

I started teaching at St Joseph's School Tranmere in 2005. I have had several roles within the school and I've taught students from Joey's to Year 7. Prior to coming to Tranmere I taught at St Columba College, a large R-12 school at Andrews Farm for four years.

I love teaching a range of students at St Joseph's Tranmere, particularly in the Arts. Apart from my role at classroom teacher in the Primary Years I have also had the opportunity to develop my skills in leadership. Taking on the role of Assistant to the Principal - Teaching and Learning has allowed me to work closely and collaboratively with teachers, Education Support Officers, students, parents and volunteers. It is a life giving role which is constantly evolving and one which challenges me on a daily basis.

I have a strong passion for creativity and The Arts, so much so that I teach Art in the school holidays. I am a strong believer that creativity is at the heart of learning and personal growth. The Arts provides a platform for students to really express themselves and develop their skills in critical and creative thinking.

 Moving to the Adelaide Hills has been a life changing experience for my husband, son and I. I have recently developed a love for nine alpacas and gardening.  Living in this setting has taught me a lot about being more ecologically aware and thankful for natures gifts. 


Janet Price 

Business Manager 

I joined the St Joseph's Tranmere community as Business Manager in 2010 after migrating from England where I had worked in the same role in a Surrey primary school for the previous twelve years.  My Mum was born in Sydney and I am enjoying visiting some of the places that she has talked about over the years.

This role gives me the opportunity to use my skills and experience in many areas such as finance, HR, premises management and marketing.  I really enjoy the interactions that I have with the children and their families, and am glad of the times I am able to help with concerns and queries.

Out of school I help with a kids club in Mount Barker run by my church, and enjoy living in the Adelaide Hills with all the walking, gardening and living with the wildlife that brings.  I still feel like a very excited tourist when our resident koala appears!



Matt Pastro 

Year 5/6 teacher and IT Co-ordinator 

I have been teaching since the early 2000s.  After a brief country stint at the start of my career in Mount Gambier, I came back to Adelaide to start a family of my own.  I began working at St Joseph’s Tranmere with a class of Year 3/4 students and have taught a number of different year levels at the school ranging from Year 2 through to Year 6. 

After expressing an interest and showing some proficiency with computers, I was appointed ICT (Information, Communication Technologies) coordinator in the school.  This has since become a passion in my professional career and I have enjoyed sharing new technologies with the students and staff at the school.

As the school has been moving towards a restorative model of student management, I have taken a personal interest in development in this area and have undertaken work around mindfulness and personal growth.  I have been studying over the last couple of years looking at models and strategies of leadership.  I am very excited to be involved in the future directions of the school in the area of ICT and learning.

I am a proud dad of 4 lovely children.  In addition to spending time with my wife and kids, I also like to go running (particularly at obstacle courses) and occasionally I like to race a car that I built several years ago.


Tanya Barrett 

Year 5/6 Teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator 

I joined the St Joseph's Tranmere community in 2014 with 20 years teaching experience in Catholic Education. I have previously taught in country schools, metropolitan schools, R-12 and R-7 schools.

My current roles are Key Literacy Teacher and Middle Years classroom teacher.  I enjoy my dual role in the school which gives me the opportunity to have varied interactions with students.

I live in the Adelaide Hills and enjoy the tranquillity of rural living.


Glenda Barone 

School and Enrolment Secretary 

I first came to know the St Joseph’s Tranmere community in 1994 when my husband and I enrolled our oldest son into the Reception class.  Over the course of the next 13 years we watched our three sons grow in self-confidence, respect and belief in themselves whilst attending this school.  Our family happily attended many quiz nights, sports days, soccer matches, school assemblies and liturgies during those years. 

I was privileged to begin working in the school office as the School/Enrolment Secretary nine years ago and I have watched students grow in stature, confidence and respect during their time here before leaving us for high school. 

St Joseph's Tranmere has been a major part of the life of my family for many years, especially as we live very close to the school.  I enjoy catching up with past students at local activities and listening to their stories of high school, university and new jobs.  My main interests these days are travel, swimming and spending a lot of quality time with my family.

Scott M.jpg

Scott March 

Year 5/6 Teacher 

I came to St Joseph's Tranmere in 2016 and have thoroughly enjoyed settling in to a new community. Previously I was working in Catholic Education at St Joseph’s Murray Bridge from 2010-2015 after completing a Bachelor of Education/Arts through Flinders University in 2009. I have taught a variety of Year Levels in my six years of experience, predominantly in the Upper Primary.

On a professional level I have a passion for contemporary learning methods to improve students’ literacy, numeracy and well-being. I am currently undertaking a Masters of Education to assist in my professional development.

In 2014 I married my wife Lucy and we built a house in Newton where we currently live. We are expecting our first child in December, just in time for Christmas! We are both very excited. I am currently the Senior Assistant Coach of the Imperial Football Club and enjoy working in team sport. 


Jess Hicks 

Reception Teacher 

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I had a friend that would furrow her brows when reading and writing. I remember, after giving her a few extra steps, her face would light up with the brightest smile that said "I've got this!" I find myself thankful every day to be surrounded by curiosity, creativity and a room full of bright smiles.

Tranmere is the perfect place to share my passion for Early Years Education. It is a warm, loving community where parents and teachers work closely together to provide a safe, happy and engaging learning environment for children. This is my first year as a permanent teacher at Tranmere and I have been awed by the warm welcome.

I am an avid researcher and I am currently focusing my study on mathematical thinking and programming using digital technologies. I believe children deserve teachers that are progressive and committed to life long learning and that is one of the reasons why I feel at home at Tranmere.

When I am not teaching or reading, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and Pugalier Boston and trying to hunt down the best coffee place in Adelaide.